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CS60 Meguro

CS60 was developed by Mr. Mitsuhisa Nishimura. (The photo with Mr. Nishimura was taken when I received the certificate after the training.

C stands for cells, S signifies smooth, and 60 represents 60 trillion. In other words, CS60 was named with a wish to make the circulations of blood and lymph smooth by revitalizing 60 trillion of human cells.

Mr. Nishimura joined in the project to develop computer-aided design and computer-assisted manufacturing (CADCAM) in 1987, then he has successfully created a welding robot and a cutting robot in 1990. He was commended for this achievement, which had been thought as impossible in construction industry, by Sangyo Seibi Kiban (foundation of industrial infrastructure) in 1997. Furthermore, he invented the method and apparatus to purify efficiently a large amount of contaminated hydrogen gas; this patent was registered in 2010.


The development of CS60 has started by his interest in atopic dermatitis. It is around 1953 that problems related to atopic dermatitis began to be seen in Japan, that is when washing machines and synthetic detergents have gone on the market.

Having thought that the synthetic detergents caused the atopic dermatitis, he started his research. Then, he found that we could remove surfactants, one of the causes of atopy, by using electricity and adding undulation on the surface of body.

Since then, we have used this treatment to patients with other illness or poor physical condition for 10 years.

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