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About CS60

Our life is surrounded by health tips such as jogging, supplements, healthy food, massage and so on. At the same time, over 60 percent of Japanese answered that they were worried about their health according to the survey on health awareness by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Everything is too much in our society; products are excessive and information is flooding. Then, we don’t know which is correct, so is the information about the health.

The bioelectric current rectifier, CS60 is a device to maintain our physical conditions even in such a stressful environment and to strengthen our natural healing power.

What is the bioelectric current?

It is a subtle current of electricity running in our body.

This current can be affected by electromagnetic waves emitted by smartphones, computers and microwaves, etc. that are everywhere in our life. The damage by the excessive exposure to the electromagnetic waves cannot be measured. (The related California guideline was in the news; they announced in the guideline to keep yourself away from a smartphone in order to protect your brain from the electromagnetic waves.)


The excessive electricity absorbed in your body by this exposure can be removed with the help of the CS60 treatment, then it will boost your immune system and ​return your body to a healthy state. It is possible to tell an afflicted part of your body by rubbing  it with CS60; you will feel pain in such an area, however it’s soothing and relaxing when healthy parts are massaged. Then, the electricity will be removed from the part with the pain, so that your body can return to a healthy state.

The CS60 is effective on hay fever, stiff shoulders, lower back pain and many other problems, please come and try it in Meguro.

(4 minutes walk from the west exit of the JR Meguro station.)

In the case of no improvement after the treatment, you can request to receive a full refund. (Each treatment is 50 min long for 7000 yen.)

45 min
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