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Rediscover Yourself with Karadanaoru: Liberation from Pain and Discomfort!

What is Karadanaru?

Have you resigned yourself to living with incurable chronic illnesses? I take your concerns seriously and am committed to addressing them.

Although I became the top practitioner in Japan using the CS60 device, I've always questioned the reliance on tools for treatment. This led me to develop my current approach.

Revitalizing energy through ancient Japanese wisdom and cutting-edge chiropractic methods.

Japan has long cherished the concept of "Ki" (energy), an invisible force that, although unseen, can often be felt in daily life. By tuning into this intangible essence, we can instigate real-world changes.


Energy Revitalization: Targets the root cause of pain and discomfort to rejuvenate your body's energy.

Ancient Japanese Wisdom: A revolutionary bodywork technique that blends traditional practices with modern insights, originating from Japan.

The Karadanaru Miracle: Experience significant changes from your very first session.

Fundamental Improvement: Addresses chronic pain and ailments at their core, leading to lasting physical transformation.

Refresh Your Mind and Body: Impacts both mental and physical well-being, enhancing the quality of everyday life.

Sustained Benefits: Regular care maintains a healthy body, enriching your daily existence.

Many clients find themselves so relaxed during sessions that they drift off to sleep. We invite you to experience this soothing environment for yourself.

Karadanaoru Director: Yuki Matsuoka

(This is a private salon operated solely by me. When you book through our site, I will personally take care of you. Your appointment time is dedicated exclusively to you.)

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