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Why not discover a "New You"?

Unlock your hidden potential and seize health and happiness for yourself at the "Karadanaoru Training Workshop."

  1. Introduction:Your life-changing adventure begins now.

At the Karadanaoru Workshop, we offer more than just training; we provide an experience that transcends. Through a deep understanding of health and vibrational energy, we will guide you on a journey to harness the power of healing and enrich your life.

2. The Three Appeals of the Karadanaoru Workshop

Interactive Workshops: Learn and experience through practice, allowing knowledge to deeply take root.

Continuous Support: We offer ongoing support and learning opportunities post-workshop to foster growth.

Personalized Learning: Customized learning plans tailored to each individual's goals.

3. Abilities You Will Develop in the Workshop

Self-Care Mastery: Learn the secrets to maintaining your optimal state.

Insight Enhancement: Develop the ability to assess others' conditions and provide the best care.

Energy Harmony: Explore ways to enhance your own energy and positively impact those around you.

Event Date and Time: March 10, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM

(The workshop will be held once a month for a total of three sessions. The dates for the subsequent sessions will be determined based on participants' availability on the first day of the workshop.)



Application Method: Please apply via the reservation form below. After making your reservation, please transfer the payment to the account below. Make sure to complete the transfer within 3 business days after your application. Your reservation will be confirmed once the transfer is completed.

Bank: PayPay Bank

Branch Name: Head Office Sales Department(本店営業部)

Account Number: 2043415

Account Name: 株式会社ワンズワード

Welcome to the world of Karadanaru!

Karadanaoru is an incredible method developed by Matsuoka, who has over 3000 treatment experiences.


This unique approach is based on the three pillars of self-care, assessment, and vibrational energy, and is progressively learned in a workshop format. I continuously research and integrate the latest findings into this method, ensuring the training content is always evolving and offering new insights.

Training Objective: "Aiming for Transformation"

The ultimate goal of the Karadanaoru training is the transformation of each participant. "Transformation" refers to unlocking one's full potential and harnessing powers beyond imagination. This training invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and unleash your inner strength.

Training Details: The Three Pillars of Learning

Self-Care: The practitioner's greatest asset is their own health. Learn how to maintain your body in its optimal condition through self-care.

Assessment: Develop the ability to observe clients' bodies and determine the most effective treatment. This skill, a blend of intuition and knowledge, significantly influences the quality of treatment.

Vibrational Energy: Learn how to enhance your energy and apply it in treatments. Elevated vibrational levels dramatically improve treatment outcomes.

Workshop Feature: "Practical Learning"

At the Karadanaoru workshop, we focus not only on theory but also on practical workshops that allow you to immediately experience and learn the knowledge. We use a unique methodology to visualize assessment and vibrations, making it easier to understand and deepen your learning.


Recommended Reading

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  3. What is a miraculous cure?

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  9. Pirahã

Clicking on the book title will take you to the Amazon link. Please finish reading "The Miracle Brain" by the first session. You are encouraged to read the other books whenever possible ("Those who have finished 'The Miracle Brain' should move on to 'What is Miraculous Healing' next. If you're interested in learning about transformation, 'A New Earth' is highly recommended.")

※Registration on the website starts 1 month before the training begins, but early reservations are possible. Your reservation will be confirmed after transferring ¥90,000 and contacting us via the inquiry form.

About Karadanaru One-on-One Training:


Exclusive Session: 3 hours just for you

"Can't wait for 3 months!" - In response to such requests, Karadanaoru offers special one-on-one training sessions. Even if you are overseas or in a rural area, just one session can accelerate your journey of growth.

Your investment for this valuable time is ¥150,000. Please pre-deposit into the same One's Word account as for the group training.

Fully Customized: Shaping your "want to know"

"Want to unravel the secrets of hypnosis" or "Wish to master deep treatment techniques" - I will materialize the learning you crave. Let's open the door to the unknown with a tailor-made session catering to your specific requests.

Smooth Start: Reservation in a few clicks

Take the first step towards transformation now. Secure your session through the reservation form at the bottom of this page. With pre-payment, you can prepare for the day with peace of mind.

[Participant Testimonial for the continuous workshop held on September 14, 2023]

Returning from Argentina, Mr. Matsuoka introduced a new series on "Energy Vampires."

How do the exchanges of invisible energy significantly impact our tangible, three-dimensional daily lives? The content, drawn from the teacher's personal experiences, was captivating.

"Energy Vampires" are those who, consciously or unconsciously, drain others' energy, much like sucking the living blood out of them. Interacting with vampires can leave one severely drained, worsen health conditions, and even accelerate aging.

1. Identifying Vampires

It would be easier if vampires left physical marks like those in movies, but recognizing an energy vampire among your acquaintances can be tricky. They can deplete your energy in various ways, such as dominating, negating, depending, or eliciting sympathy, in exchange for strong emotional reactions like fear, pity, or feelings of indispensability. This is essentially an exchange of emotions for energy. Can you spot the vampires around you?

2. Avoid Becoming a Vampire

Vampires are everywhere. Are you one of them? Unknowingly dominating your children, constantly criticizing your spouse, or seeking sympathy from a friend by complaining – are you draining others' energy?

Why do people steal energy in the first place? Just as stealing money makes one a thief, driven by desires for more, feeling inadequate, or not knowing how to earn, energy thieves operate similarly, feeling a lack of energy and not knowing how to generate it themselves.

Children are not energy vampires; they possess abundant energy and don't need to take from others. If playing with children tires you out, it's simply due to a lack of physical stamina.

To avoid becoming a thief, it's crucial to overcome feelings of lack. We already possess everything, and the universe is full of energy, ready to replenish us just like breathing.

Aging or losing confidence can lead to anxiety and a scarcity mindset, driving one towards becoming an energy thief, even though there are ways to generate energy independently.

3. Dealing with Vampires

Recognition is the key to all solutions.

Matsuoka's workshop isn't about fearing or escaping vampires, or even trying to save them, as it could backfire. It's about recognizing their existence.

This awareness can change perspectives, reducing strong emotional reactions and cutting off the energy source for vampires. Once you detach from domination, negation, dependency, and sympathy, there's nothing left for vampires to take, making you invincible.

Recognition creates physical and temporal distance from the subject, leading to a change in the vampire's behavior or reducing interactions with them. A single realization can illuminate and instantly transform situations.

The theme of energy vampires reminds us not to engage in energy exchanges in our daily lives or in therapeutic practices. Investing our energy may provide temporary relief, but it's not sustainable as the practitioner's energy will eventually deplete.

The concept of injecting or stealing energy is outdated. Matsuoka's treatments don't involve transferring his energy to us. Instead, it's likely that his antenna transmits a frequency, which, when accepted and matched by the recipient, initiates self-healing.

Thus, Matsuoka isn't drained of energy, and the recipient experiences lasting healing, moving beyond the dimension of energy theft.

We should aim to transcend the level of stealing and being stolen from. Simple recognition can eliminate the need for competition.

Information is omnipresent. Psychology refers to it as "Meta-Self" or "Meta-Mind," and philosophy as "Higher Concepts." Accessing this information without haste is all that's needed.

This is a brief share from last night, albeit a bit lengthy.

*Online booking is available below. Click "Reserve," then "Check Available Dates."

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