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CS60 Meguro

About treatment:


Please feel at ease, the treatment will be done with your clothes on. However, it will be better to prepare spare clothes in case you sweat, especially in summer. (For male clients, please bring your spare socks.)


One of the characteristics of CS60 is that you may feel pain because of the treatment on an afflicted part of your body or a part with bad cells and this pain differs from individual to individual. But please be assured that this pain means the cells are revitalizing and becoming good cells by metabolism.

​In the case of no improvement after the treatment, you will receive a full refund.

(Please note that this refund applies only if you request it within 24 hours after the treatment.  You may have a bruise because of over-activated cells, but it will disappear within 2 or 3 days.)

Fee of a treatment: 8000 yen for 30 minutes

Reservation:Reservations are required for a treatment. Please make a reservation and appoint a therapist beforehand. You can book on line anytime until 12 hours before the time you wish to receive the treatment.



I have given this treatment to a lot of clients since I opened CS60 Meguro, yet I'm surprised with its immediate effect again and again. As to sudden deafness, stiff shoulder and lower back pain, most of the clients have recovered from them at once. If they have a chronic symptom, generally it improves greatly after the third treatment.

Please visit my blog for more information.

​We can call CS60 a dream tool to heal various diseases.

My strong point as a therapist is being able to improve a symptom permanently often by only one treatment.

So far I have been able to improve, by a single treatment, problems of stiff shoulder or lower back pain plenty of times. However, improvements related to immune system or nervous system will require several treatments; I'll try to give the treatment with which you will feel some effect from the first visit. Please come and experience this remarkable treatment in Meguro.

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